Better Eye Solutions with Clarity Vision’s optomap®

For hundreds of years, eye doctors have been diagnosing eye problems and treating vision issues by looking straight into your eyes. Although this is a good way to measure a prescription and view basic eye health, there can be deeper eye problems lying beneath the surface of your retina.

With the use of optomap ultra-wide digital retinal imaging, our Clarity Vision optometrists have a way to see your eyes in 3D. This new technology can lead to an early detection of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and ocular hypertension. Our optomap exam in Apex and Clayton, NC can even help predict serious health concerns like diabetes and cancer. Our North Carolina optomap retinal exam is quick, easy and painless, and eye doctors have been using it for 10 years to go beyond the traditional eye exam.

Clarity Vision: Innovative Solutions for Your NC Eye Health

The modern time that we live in offers us a wealth of knowledge, new research and new ways of doing things that we hope to utilize to improve your overall eye care. Our team of Clarity Vision optometrists strives to be experts in traditional, as well as cutting-edge, eye care.

Let us walk you through what your first eye appointment might be like, or help you pick out a high-fashion new pair of glasses frames. All the facets of your vision are important to us at our North Carolina vision center.

Try Out the optomap at Your Next Eye Appointment

Interested in getting better eye care solutions with an optomap retinal exam? Make an appointment online or call your Clarity Vision office today to start getting our premier eye care.

Let Clarity Vision be your personalized eye care office in North Carolina with the latest in vision innovation, like the optomap retinal exam. We offer optomap to patients throughout the state at our offices in Apex and Clayton, NC.