An Optometrist Advises on What to Stop Doing to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

An Optometrist Advises on What to Stop Doing to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

You’re likely always told about which habits are good for a healthy lifestyle, but how often do you stop and think about the habits affecting your eye health? It’s very important to protect your vision as early as now, especially as you become more susceptible to eye conditions as you age.

According to an optometrist, there are three habits that can actually cause damage to your eyes.

An Optometrist Advises on What to Stop Doing to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Rubbing Your Eyes

It may be an instinctive reaction when you’re tired or stressed, but rubbing your eyes can be bad for your vision. Rubbing your eyes is bad for many reasons: firstly, the action causes damage to the capillaries in your eyelids, which makes your skin age more quickly. Secondly, this action also makes it easier for foreign objects like dust, sand, or makeup to enter the eyes. These foreign objects might irritate your eyes, or worse, damage the cornea.

Your fingers also carry a lot of bacteria, which can be transferred to your eyes when you rub them. This can leave you open to infections like conjunctivitis. Having clean hands won’t help though, as the pressure you put on your eyes when you rub them can cause blood flow to weaken, which may eventually lead to nerve damage or blindness.

Not Wearing Sunglasses

Other than the skin, the sun’s harmful UV rays can be damaging to your eyes as well. In fact, these rays are seen to cause cataracts and macular degeneration. Fortunately, these harmful effects can be avoided by wearing sunglasses or prescription glasses while you’re out on a sunny day. The lenses are designed to stop UV rays from reaching your eyes.

Staring at a Screen For Too Long

Two things can happen when you look at a TV or computer screen for a long period of time. First, your eyes don’t move around as much as they should, which means you’re not exercising the muscles around your eyes. Secondly, you blink less when you look at a screen, gradually causing dryness and fatigue. Make sure, then, to take regular breaks from the screen to refocus your eyes.

By breaking these three habits, you’ll reduce your likelihood of eye problems, so you won’t need more than a check-up at your eye care center.


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