Cataract Eye Surgery in Apex NC

Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery in Apex, NC: Cataract Treatment with Intraocular Lenses

As part of our dedication to offering tomorrow's technology for today's clear vision, Clarity Vision of Apex offers leading cataract surgery and cataract treatment for its patients. Our relationship with ophthalmologist, Dr. Kerry Hunt, allows us to provide a comprehensive list of cataract treatment options and the best cataract consultation in Apex, NC .

Dr. Hunt is a leader in small-incision cataract surgery using the most up to date technology such as bladeless laser assisted cataract surgery with the Alcon Lensx femtosecond laser. His expertise includes offering numerous vision improvement treatment choices for premium intraocular lenses, including Toric IOL, Multifocal IOL and the Alcon ReStor intraocular lenses.

What are Cataracts?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye. Cataracts are often associated with aging, and as many as half of people will get them by age 80. However, they can also be found in infants.

Cataracts typically progress slowly and may develop in one or both eyes, but can come on more suddenly particularly after trauma. Exposure to UV tends to accelerate the development of cataracts and is just one of the many reasons sunglasses with UV protection are so important. Although not painful, a number of symptoms may be associated with cataracts, such as blurry vision, lack of visual detail, poor night vision, frequent changes in your lens prescriptions, yellowing and foggy vision.

Cataract Treatment Options

The number one cause of vision loss in patients over age 65 is cataracts, and the only treatment option for this eye disease is surgery. The good news is modern technology with microsurgical methods and laser-assisted cataract surgery techniques offers incredible precision and outstanding results. Most surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis with as many as 95% of patients realizing vision improvement. This makes cataract surgery one of the most successful surgical procedures you could elect to have, and the vision improvements are literally life changing.

The basic surgery involves removing the cloudy lens of the eye and replacing it with a new clear synthetic lens, known as an intraocular lens or IOL. At Clarity Vision of Apex we have one of the most experienced ophthalmologists in the area in Dr. Kerry Hunt, performing 1000+ procedures per year with monofocal, multifocal and toric intraocular lens implants.

The surgical technique itself starts with a very small incision with the Alcon Lensx femtosecond laser, and then the cataract is broken apart using ultrasound vibrations and finally suctioned away. The femtosecond laser is a state-of-the-art, image guided system that provides for bladeless cataract surgery, and the incision is so small it requires no stitches. Once the cataract is broken up and removed, the new IOL is inserted in the same micro incision and unfolded into place. Once placed it will provide a lifetime of clear vision.

Premium IOL's: Toric IOL and Multifocal IOL

During the cataract surgery, besides the basic cataract removal and lens replacement, premium IOL's are available for additional vision correction benefit. This is known as "refractive lens exchange." A premium IOL as the name implies is more than a basic lens. They are acttually designed and shaped to provide a more advanced vision correction benefit as compared to a single vision IOL. In your preoperative consultation, your eye surgeon can consult with you on the most appropriate intraocular lens for your needs and budget.

Toric IOL's can be used for correction of astigmatism as well as nearsightedness and farsightedness. The toric intraocular lens has different powers at different meridians along the lens, and the surgeon simply rotates the lens into the proper position for the desired outcome based on the curvature of the patient's eye.

Designed to correct presbyopia, or farsightedness, Multifocal IOLs can decrease or possibly eliminate the need for reading glasses after cataract surgery. Similar to the way multifocal contact lenses operate, the multifocal IOL has different magnification across different parts of the lens to allow for a broader range of clear vision at all distances.

Our eye doctors at Clarity Vision Apex will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding cataracts, cataract surgery in Apex and cataract treatment with premium IOLs. Contact us for an appointment and cataract consultation today.


Cataract Surgery FAQ's

Q: Do I have to stop taking blood thinners prior to surgery?

A: No, There are no injections around the eye and no incisions through tissues containing blood vessels.

Q: Do I need someone to drive for me?

A: Yes, you should not drive on the day of and for 24 hours after your procedure. 

Q: Any limitations after surgery?

A: Yes, No swimming for 2 weeks; no driving for 24 hours; lifting or bending is ok but eye should be shielded when sleeping for a few days after surgery.

Q: Does cataract surgery hurt?

A: In general "No." Most patients experience no pain and little or no light sensitivity. Mild discomfort may feel like something is in your eye but rarely requires pain medication. Usually fine the next day.