Glasses to Suit Your Vision, Look and Personality

When you need glasses for vision correction, it is important that your frames suit your personality and appeal to your sense of style. Of course, they also need to improve your eyesight.

Buying prescription glasses at Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ is convenient. We offer a wide selection of the latest designer frames. With our six locations to serve you in North Carolina and Virginia, you can find your perfect pair close to home. All you need to do for your best vision is to schedule an eye exam. Then check out our wide selection of glasses, contacts and sunglasses available at each eye care center.

Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ locations include:

Correcting Your Vision Problems with Glasses

Prescription glasses correct conditions called refractive errors. These conditions include:


Also called nearsightedness, myopia means you clearly see close objects but see distant ones as blurry. Eye doctors find this typically-inherited vision problem in childhood, in most cases. During rapid growth of teenage years, myopia usually worsens.


With hyperopia, you see distant objects more clearly than close ones. This farsightedness is often inherited, like myopia. Many people with myopic vision notice improvement of their eyesight as they grow into adulthood.


Presbyopia usually occurs after age 40 as the eye lens ages. In our advanced years, our eyes become less flexible. With this increasing rigidity, it becomes harder to focus. Reading at close range also becomes more difficult. With presbyopia, you can have hyperopia, myopia or astigmatism, too.


An asymmetric curve of the cornea causes the vision problem called astigmatism. This abnormal curve distorts your vision and blurs it at all distances.

Wearing glasses fixes all of these vision problems and enables you to have improved or even near-perfect eyesight.

Types of Lenses Available at Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ in NC and VA

Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ Eye Care Centers in North Carolina and Virginia sell a wide variety of lenses to meet your very unique needs.

Types of lenses available at Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ include:

Single Vision

If you struggle to see clearly because of myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia, single vision lenses possibly suit your needs. They feature only one viewing area in each lens, making your eyesight clearer for near distances, far distances or reading.


Bifocals have two separate viewing areas in each lens. These viewing areas have a distinct line on the lens separating them. The top portion of each viewing area enables you to see clearly at distances. The lower portion of the lens enables you to read and see near objects clearly.


Multi-focal lenses feature more than one strength in each lens. This helps you see clearly when you need correction of your near and far vision at the same time.


Progressives, also called “no line bifocals,” perform like bifocals but do not have a clear dividing line between vision correction strengths. These lenses provide for clear vision of close objects, distant objects and objects located at an intermediate range. Most progressives feature the farsighted vision correction at the top of each lens. Intermediate vision correction is at the mid-section and nearsighted correction at the bottom.

In addition to lenses being distinguished by their type of vision correction, your Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ glasses feature lenses made of different materials. These materials include:

  • Polycarbonate - thinner and impact resistant

  • High-index - thinner with finer optics

  • Aspheric - for stronger prescriptions with a slimmer profile

  • Anti-reflective - for reflection reduction with superior optics

  • Polarized - for glare reduction and sharper imagery

  • UV coated - blocks damaging UV rays

  • Variable tinted - also called transitions, lenses that darken outdoors and lighten indoors

Many Styles, Colors and Brands of Eyewear to Choose From at Clarity Vision​​​​​​​

Everyone at Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ wants you to see your world clearly. We meet this goal through the highest quality of optometric care. We use eye exams and other tests to diagnose your vision correction needs. Of course, we focus on helping you achieve your best eye health at the same time. With your new prescription after seeing one of our caring optometrists, you enjoy the convenience of selecting your new glasses at the same Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ location.

Popular glasses brands we carry include:

  • Ray-Ban®

  • Coach

  • Vera Wang

  • Prada®

  • Gucci

  • Kate Spade

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Bebe

  • And Many More!

Our Warranties and Lifetime Free Adjustments Services

When you buy your new glasses at Clarity Vision​​​​​​​, you gain the benefits of a thorough fit check and adjustments. We provide a 12 month Temple-to-Temple Warranty for every pair we sell and at no extra cost. This means that, if your eyeglasses break within a year of your purchase, we repair or replace them at no cost.

If you do not like a newly purchased pair of frames from one of our locations in North Carolina or Virginia, bring them back to us. For up to 60 days after purchase, Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ will help you select a replacement frame.

If you lose your glasses bought at Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ within 12 months of your purchase, do not worry. Simply come into our eye care center and through our Loss Warranty we will replace them at 50% off.

Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ provides Lifetime Free Adjustments with your prescription eyewear purchase, too. Bring your glasses into our eye care center for professional adjustments, repair and fitting at no extra fee. We also replace screws and nose pads at no additional cost.

Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ for Trusted Eye Care and Glasses You Will Love

When you visit your Clarity Vision​​​​​​​ optometrist, you gain immediate access to better vision and the eye health answers you need. If you want laser eye surgery to permanently correct your vision, our eye care professionals help you achieve that goal, too. Reach out to your nearest location to schedule your eye exam today.

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