Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Dry eyes cause more than discomfort, redness and itching. They also cause blurry vision. If you have this irritation, you possibly have dry eye syndrome, a disease affecting more than 16 million Americans. Although it is a common problem, it is one for which you need to see your eye doctor. At Clarity Vision, we provide many of our patients with treatment to relive symptoms and prevent complications. 

If you have dry eyes or other eye problems, schedule your visit at Clarity Vision today. Our convenient locations include:

What is dry eye syndrome?

Your eyes self-lubricate when functioning properly. At some point, we all experience drying of our eyes, such as due to arid climate, a blowing fan or allergies. But frequent symptoms of dryness could mean your eyes do not produce enough lubricating fluid. Chronic dryness is uncomfortable and undermines the quality of life. Misdiagnosed or untreated dry eye syndrome can lead to serious complications.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome include:

  • Redness

  • Itching

  • Irritation, as if something is in your eye

  • Mucus stringing or discharge

  • Light sensitivity

  • Eye watering

The experienced eye care specialists at Clarity Vision can treat your dry eyes through various treatment options. 

What causes eyes to be dry?

Dry eyes affect people of all ages. Factors leading to development of the eye condition include:

  • Aging

  • Windy or dusty conditions

  • Smoke and other pollutants

  • Over wear of contact lenses

  • Arthritis and certain medications

  • Sjogren’s syndrome

  • Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)

Meibomian gland dysfunction occurs when the glands responsible for lubricating the eyes do not work as they should. These glands can become inflamed and overrun by bacteria. As a result, your eyes become red, uncomfortable and painful. You can also experience swollen eyelids and blurred vision.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis usually takes place as part of a routine eye exam and using one or more specialized diagnostic tools that measure your tear production. These tests also help determine your level of the disease. If this confirms your condition, your eye care specialist recommends treatment.

Treatment for dry eye includes:

  • Over-the-counter eye drops

  • Lubricant-releasing solid eye inserts

  • Meibomian gland thermal pulsation

  • Intranasal tear production stimulation

  • Prescription eye drops

  • Blepharitis lid treatment

  • Ocular massage for meibomian gland improvement

Blepharitis lid treatment focuses on reduction of eyelid inflammation caused by chronic bacterial overgrowth.

Ocular massage takes place through a therapeutic device that delivers thermoelectric heat to loosen obstructed eye secretions. This improves the meibomian gland’s functioning and enables eyes to properly retain fluids. It is a relaxing, affordable and gentle treatment that improves lipid health and function. 

Intrnasal tear production stimulation uses a device held up to the face at both nostrils. Through stimulation of the anterior ethmoidal nerve in the nose, the device triggers natural tear production. In essence and over time, the device trains your eyes to produce higher volumes of eye lubrication.

Consultation in North Carolina and Virginia

Dry eyes make everyday life uncomfortable and can cause blurry vision. Although many people try to live with their condition, you only need to talk to your eye doctor for help. Through diagnosis and several treatment options, the eye care specialists at Clarity Vision can help you restore your eye comfort and clarity. 

It is very important to see your eye doctor at least once every year to two years. Routine eye exams help you keep track of vision changes and find early signs of conditions that can cause long term eye health problems when left untreated. With six locations to serve you in North Carolina and southeastern Virginia, you have multiple options for convenience and the services you seek for your whole family’s best eye health. Schedule your next visit at Clarity Vision today and ask your eye doctor about dry eye diagnosis and treatment.

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