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What Is the Most Common Eye Infection?

Enochs Eye Care, Clarity Vision of Suffolk - September 22, 2022

Eye infections are a common problem that affects most people at one time or another. Most people who visit an eye specialist do so because they suspect they have an infection. If your eyes are itchy and starting to change color, it could be due to an infection.

Why a Contact Lens Exam Is Different From an Eye Exam for Glasses

Clarity Vision - September 19, 2022

Regular eye exams are ideal to ensure your eye health remains in check. However, it is essential to know that routine eye examinations may not be enough to start wearing contact lenses. There is a significant difference between an eyeglass examination and a contact lens exam. Read on to learn more.

Do Allergies Impact Keratoconus?

Clarity Vision - September 14, 2022

On its own, keratoconus affects vision significantly. However, it can get considerably worse if you get allergies. Some allergens can cause vision loss for patients with keratoconus before getting treatment.

Why Myopia Management Is Important This Back-to-school Season

Clarity Vision - September 12, 2022

Myopia management is vital to preserving vision, and vision is crucial to a child’s development. Hence, you need to book your child for a comprehensive eye exam before they return to school. These exams will help you know and understand everything you need to do to manage your child’s myopia effectively. Get to know why myopia management is vital.

Does Cloudy Vision Come and Go With Cataracts?

Clarity Vision - September 8, 2022

If you are experiencing a clouding in your vision, you could be among the millions of Americans suffering from cataracts. Cataracts are among the leading causes of vision loss in adults over 40 and a primary cause of blindness globally. As it is such a significant concern for the elderly, everyone should understand the condition and how to avoid this problem.

Benefits of Progressive Lenses

Clarity Vision - September 6, 2022

Eyewear has, in the past decades, grown in leaps and bounds as technology has evolved. Nowadays, you can get lenses that correct almost any refractive error or eye condition.

What Are the First Signs That Glaucoma is Developing?

Clarity Vision - August 25, 2022

Glaucoma is a condition that damages your optic nerve. The intraocular pressure rises slowly, and it may cause permanent vision loss without warning. Although you may not experience pain, various signs may warn you of glaucoma. Getting to know these signs will help you mitigate them, receive treatment early, and prevent vision loss.

Eye Infections: Symptoms and Warning Signs

Clarity Vision - August 24, 2022

Eye infections are conditions that affect the tissue surrounding the eye. Some symptoms are like those of allergies, making it vital to get a proper diagnosis. Here's what you need to know about eye infections, symptoms, and warning signs.

How Long Does it Take Your Eyes to Adjust to New Glasses?

Clarity Vision - August 18, 2022

If you are wearing glasses for the first time, it may take some time before you are fully comfortable. You may experience blurry vision, eyestrain, or mild dizziness after prolonged wear.

How Often Should You Change Your Prescription Glasses?

Clarity Vision - August 8, 2022

Before you can get eyeglasses, you will need a prescription from your optometrist at Clarity Vision. The prescription indicates the lens power based on your vision condition. Your vision may change over time, which is why you need a new prescription and regular eye exams.

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