Eye Care Center Discusses What Happens In a Children’s Eye Examination

Eye Care Center Discusses What Happens In a Children’s Eye Examination

Eye exams, as they are performed in an eye care center, are done to get invaluable data about a child’s eye health. According to American pediatric groups, there are national standards for performing eye health exams.

Pre-Eye Exam

It is important for parents to sit down and talk to their child about their upcoming eye exam. A parent should let the child know that he or she will be prompted to look at and identify certain objects for the doctor. These may be letters, shapes of light, or pictures on the wall. The parent should also explain that eye drops may be applied to his or her eyes, but these will not hurt. Being honest with the child is important, because it allays their fears and calms them down.

Ocular History

The doctor will initially ask the parent during the eye exam if there is anything they have noticed that is extraordinary about his or her child (e.g. holds objects close to the face, droopy eyelids). Both parent and doctor will also discuss any eye problems in the family. If hereditary eye problems exist, the doctor would suggest a regular check up to monitor the child’s eye development.

Eye Inspection

During the eye inspection, the eye doctor inspects the eyelids and eye, studies the different muscle movements of the eye, and observes the light reflection from the back of the eye and the pupils. For children who are older, the back of their eye is also examined.

Testing of the Corneal Light Reflex

With the use of a tiny flashlight, your Clarity Vision eye doctor in Smithfield, NC will also check where the light is reflected from the vantage point of the eye surface or the cornea. The reflected light must be sharply focused and on the middle of the pupils.

Testing of the Cover

There will also be a check of eye misalignment. Whenever a child concentrates on a target, the doctor covers each eye to look for a shift.

Testing of Age Appropriate Visual Acuity

With the use of an eye chart, the doctor prompts the patient to read a couple of character lines. It is significant for each eye to be tested independently of the other to guarantee that the patient is not peeking using the other eye.

Whenever you have your child’s eyes checked, make sure that he or she goes through the typical process of eye examinations, as discussed in this article. With this in mind, you and your child will both be prepared. By being proactive and scheduling exams at your Clarity Vision eye care center in Smithfield early in your child’s development, you can rest easy when it comes to  your child’s eye health.


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