Eye Care Center Experts Provide First-Aid Tips on Dealing with Eye Injuries

Eye Care Center Experts Provide First-Aid Tips on Dealing with Eye Injuries

When your eyes get injured, it is important to see a doctor right away. Because you may not be able to see clearly in this situation, seeking professional help may be difficult and inconvenient. This is why it’s essential to learn what to do and what not to do when you’ve sustained such injury.

Eye Care Center Experts Provide First-Aid Tips on Dealing with Eye Injuries

Chemical Exposure

Avoid rubbing your eyes when they come in contact with chemicals. Instead, wash them with clean water. Use whatever device you can easily access, be it a showerhead, garden hose, or a fountain. Continue flushing your eyes for at least 15 minutes and avoid putting a bandage over them. Then, as soon as possible, head directly to an eye care center. If you are in the Smithfield, NC area, the eye doctors at Clarity Vision Smithfield will gladly assist you.

Physical Blow

A cold compress can ease pain from a physical blow. Just be gentle with it to avoid undue pressure on the affected eye. You can buy over-the-counter drugs for pain. If there’s bleeding, bruising, or changes in your vision, however, see a doctor straight away to avoid complications.

For cuts and wounds, you need to urgently seek treatment. Before going to the clinic, avoid washing the eye or its lid and resist the urge to remove an embedded object. Doing so may aggravate the damage. You may also want to cover the affected eye to protect it. You can use a paper cup as a shield. Gently tape it to your face with the bottom half covering the eye.

Foreign Particles

Sometimes tiny particles can invade the eye and cause irritation. When this happens, don’t rub the eye. Instead, pull the upper lid down and blink the particle away. You may also rinse your eyes with eyewash. If none of this works, close the eye, apply a bandage gently, and go to a doctor.

Never ignore any impact, irritant or particle that bothers your eye. Otherwise, you risk losing your vision, which can affect your entire life. You should always keep the phone number of your Clarity Vision optometrist in Smithfield, NC and other eye specialists nearby in case you need to contact them. Otherwise, regular checkups are essential to maintaining optimal health for your eyes.


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