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Eye Exams

Eye Exams at North Carolina’s Clarity Vision

Just like brushing your teeth and showering, eye exams are important to your overall health –– and an annual eye exam is vital no matter your age.

At Clarity Vision, we want to be the North Carolina vision center that every member of your family relies on to keep their vision clear and healthy. Our doctors have an expertise in optometry that is unmatched in the state, and they will make you feel cared for by focusing on your personal vision needs. Whether your child needs their eyes checked or you want to prevent glaucoma in your own eyes, our optometry experts in Apex, Clayton, Smithfield and Williamston have experience working with all ages to provide you with effective eyesight solutions.

Our family eye care specialists will use your eye exam to gauge the health, longevity and condition of your eyes. We will also check to ensure your glasses or contact lens prescription is up-to-date to keep your eyes from becoming tired or overworked.

Our Technology Makes For Easy NC Eye Examinations

Our mission at Clarity Vision is to blend tomorrow’s technology with years of experience in optometry to give you an eye examination that’s efficient and effective. We use optomap® digital retinal imaging as a fast way to get a 3D picture of your eyes, and to shed light on your eye conditions or risk of developing diseases like cancer, stroke or cardiovascular disease. Staying current on eye exam technology and special machinery allows us to see your eye problems in a more clear light, and keep those problems from occurring in the first place.

Our eye care professionals at Clarity Vision are on your side, and we want to get to know you and your eyes better with each annual eye exam. If it’s your first eye exam, we’ll ensure it’s an enjoyable experience. To make that first appointment or schedule an annual eye exam, call your nearest Clarity Vision office, or contact us today.

Clarity Vision offers eye exams for North Carolina patients of all ages. We provide a variety of vision care services to Apex, Williamston, Smithfield, Clayton NC and the surrounding areas.