eyeglasses fitting by clarity vision


Find Better Eyesight With a Glasses Fitting at Clarity Vision

Just like our name, our number one goal at Clarity Vision is to help you see your world more clearly. We do this by using eye exams and other tests to diagnose common eye problems and find a solution that fits with your lifestyle.

Whether you already have or need prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, our optometrists take the time to make sure they’re a perfect fit before you leave our office. We want you to look and feel great in your Clarity Vision lenses and frames, no matter if they’re brand new or five years old.

Making You Comfortable With Contact Lenses

We give patients solutions to their everyday vision problems. One popular fix to poor vision is contact lenses. Many of our North Carolina eye care patients find that contacts are superior to glasses because they’re easier to wear, invisible to others and offer a full-range view.

Finding just the right contacts for your eyes can be difficult, but our North Carolina optometrists are experts in fitting contacts, and will find you the perfect lenses in no time. We’ll also give you tips on how and when to wear your contacts, as well as how to use proper cleaning, storage and handling habits to prevent health issues. After your contact fitting in Smithfield, Williamston, Clayton or Apex, you’ll leave our Clarity Vision office feeling confident about using contacts to easily improve your vision.

We know you depend on your eyes for a lot, and we offer you the tools with eyeglasses, contact lens and prescription sunglasses fittings to make your vision work better for you. If you would like to learn more about Clarity Vision and our fitting services, write to us online, or call your nearest office.

From contact lens to prescription glasses fittings in North Carolina, Clarity Vision and our trained optometrists provide patients with a plan to solve any eye or vision issue at our offices in ApexSmithfield, Williamston and Clayton, NC.