patient with common eye problems

Common Eye Problems

Clarity Vision: Treatment for Many Eye Problems in North Carolina

At Clarity Vision, it’s our mission to give you vision solutions and treatments that get you one step closer to seeing your world more clearly.

Our team of optometrists has years of experience treating patients with a variety of vision issues, from glaucoma to blurry vision. We offer the technology, including optomap® retinal imaging, to find out what’s affecting your eyesight and make a plan to remedy it. Whether your eyesight issue is new or old, treated or untreated, our Clayton, Smithfield and Apex, NC eye care specialists can take a fresh look at your vision.

Clarity Vision Can Treat Your NC Eye Diseases and Issues

At Clarity Vision, we have the tools to treat:

  • Glaucoma –– From open-angle to closed-angle glaucoma, this eye condition can cause poor vision and sometimes permanent damage. A Clarity Vision eye exam can help us tell if you are at risk for glaucoma and prevent its onset, or offer glaucoma treatment with medication or surgery.
  • Dry Eye –– If you find yourself with scratchy eyes and not enough tears to keep them wet, you may suffer from dry eye. From thyroid eye disease to evaporative dry eye to aqueous deficiency, we can treat all types of dry eye with artificial tears and other medications.
  • Blurred Vision –– Whether you have blurry vision because of poor eyesight or more serious eye issues like cataracts or diabetes, we can prescribe you corrective eyewear or other solutions to solve this problem.
  • Eye Infection –– From pink eye to shingles, our optometrists can quickly treat many eye infections and their symptoms to keep your eyes healthy and working as they should.
  • Macular Degeneration –– This condition is common in people over the age of 50, especially those who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Macular degeneration causes spots in vision and can harm the retina. Our optometrists have treatment options to make living with this issue easier.
  • Diabetes-Related Issues –– These can range from spotty vision to nearsightedness to overall vision loss. Your Clarity Vision eye doctor can use an exam to see if you’re at risk for diabetes or diabetes-related issues.
  • Cataracts –– Cataracts are one of the most common diagnoses in individuals over the age of 40 and cause a gradual decrease in vision over time.  The clouding of the lens can cause significant night vision problems and in some instances can be aided by an anti-reflective coating within your personalized eyeglass prescription. Our optometric physicians in each location are well equipped to diagnose and manage this condition.

If you’re interested in getting your NC eye problems diagnosed and treated, reach out to us online or call your nearest Clarity Vision office.

Clarity Vision offers the best in North Carolina eye care and treats many common eye problems at our vision care centers in ClaytonApex, Smithfield and Williamston, NC.